Sunday, July 15, 2007

Some guitar buddies suggested I join it
So I have joined it
Set up a page as me
Thats me my passport me

Its kinda like blogging the first time
writing stuff
putting myself out there
all my likes
me myself and I
and not knowing whats gonna happen next

Its interesting how my head goes
First thought is they'll know who/what I am
Self centered to the extreme
Really who gives a damn?
tell the truth

Just like blogging
you can put as much or as little on it as i like
Then there are networks
others with same interests
people just hook up for a chat
theres a main page where people can instantly see me
God help me

Its the real thing
It can be used for friendship to dating
just putting self out there for me
see what happens

Had an interesting chat with a guy last night
When he messaged me
Firstly it took 10mins for me to work out how to reply
then we had a bit of a chat
I know what he looks like now
and bizarre, he was sitting in the same part of london
as me, less than 1km away

more importantly for me
progressing into the outside world
its clear on my profile i want friendship (thats all)
building friendships is plenty enough
to be going on with for me
progress is
having a conversation with a guy
without flirting
without giving everything about me away
without lying
without hanging onto his everyword
without feeling desperate
me saying Goodnight first
Without guilt
Without obsessive thinking about tomorrow
Without a fear that he may not get in touch again
with a feeling that it would be ok if he did
its all progress

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