Monday, July 23, 2007

Gossip Kills

I fell into the trap of taking inventory and commenting
on a recovering alcoholic who is in the news
on my blog this week
And now I dont feel good

I took his inventory
I took the Steps inventory
I took ALL old timers inventory
I became disillusioned
and suddenly became afraid of long term sobriety
what has it really got to offer ?
does his recent actions mean the steps dont work
Does something happpen and it all changes
What happens to old timers?
Oh My God

Well I have to be honest

I cant be the only one who has ever thought it
And as I have thought it before and I will think it again
GOD help me

The fact is
I dont know if he did the steps
I dont know if he did it thoroughly
I dont know if he continues, improves and passes it on
I dont know if he comes to AA
I dont even know him

So I need to Mind My Own Business
This programme is working for me
When I work it
I need to get on with my own recovery
and get off my self righteous hilltop
stop being arrogant
and leave the poor B*s*t*rd alone
in fact leave everybody alone

God knows will I ever get to long term sobriety ?
I have no idea
Well then... get on with today
and Shut up!

my teeth hurt (am gritting them)
God Bless you all, and I wish you all well


I said Shut up
End of!!

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