Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Home Groups - Stick With The Winners

Home groups for me are where I get to see
how the Steps works on other people (and they in me)
by WATCHING and LISTENING to them.
And going for coffee after and doing the same (for ages)

As I turned up week after week, I saw how the meeting worked
how it got set up, SERVICE in action
I saw the people change, straighten up, lighten up, smile,
look weller etc, these people were doing the STEPS,
they shared about RECOVERY
and how they used the programme in their lives.
I asked the secretary to consider me when
jobs (SERVICE positions) came up in the group.

Even though I generally felt very uncomfortable,
they gave me hope.
I felt more comfortable in certain meetings but they
havent ended up my home group.

In EARLY days it can be tempting to sit in meetings
listening to people sharing about problems and confusion,
same old week after week, it natural, because its where we are at too.

My SPONSOR pointed me in the direction of Meetings
that were RECOVERY focussed, rather than problem focussed.
Once I had identified my problem, it was time to look for the solution.

I've been tempted to go to struggling meetings,
Sponsor suggested not.

I was to get to the very BEST meetings,
a good suggestion i found.

Look for the upbeat recovery focussed people are
Find the BEST meetings where the comfy,
happy, friendly, helpful people are,
those who CONSISTANTLY encourage

Home groups are for me NOW are where I go and
pass on the message of recovery, and along with the Group,
we try to make it as welcoming to the newcomer as possible,
we have fellowship an hour before the meeting starts,
a break in the middle and food after, again for fellowship.
We turn up early and leave late,

The newcomer IS a sick friend

Like if you were inviting someone home
You WOULD be there before they arrived, prepared
and wouldnt leave and go to bed til they'd gone

There are lots of people going through the steps,
all willing to share their experience with each other,
provide encouragement before and after the meeting.

There are lots of men and women available to sponsor.

Its a friendly safe place.

Try ALL the meetings. No contempt prior to investigation.

My home groups now, I wouldnt have touched with a
barge pole in my early days... they were all much to well
sorted for me!! Now I am I fit ? dare I say (perfectly:-)

Shows me that in early days I need to take suggestions,
Because I have no idea!!

Theres an AA book called The Home Group heart beat of AA,
its got lots of AA's experiences of what a home group means to them,
taken from Grapevine AA's Journal.
shows you it

Lovin it


Rob said...

Again, thank you for the reminders that you bring to me in your posts. I get so much out of reading blog. It makes me wonder that Bill W. and Dr. Bob, would have loved this aspect of sharing sobriety. I guess then, it was hand written letters. Perhaps they were more personal, but limited to only one recipient. Thank you.

Syd said...

My home group is very small but comfortable. I go to larger meetings where there are many more people but little fellowship and a mixture of recovered versus struggling Al-Anoners. Many parents are there because their qualifier is their drug addicted child. I am there because I want to make myself well, serene and happy. That is my only goal. Once accomplished,then I can reach out to others.