Monday, July 23, 2007

Restraint of Tongue and pen

Over a period of months
I am

In the grip
Drinking themselves ? to death

This weekend
They cannot remember
what went on
what they did
how they got the cuts on their hands

they are unable to do their job
not unlike many days
This person says
I feel like S**t
I cant concentrate
I need to stop doing this
Its just a phase
I think i'll try and stay sober on my birthday
I think I need to check in with the Priory
I think I need to go home and do some exersize at home
I think i'll go for a run
I have lots to do today and need to focus
I havent got a lot done, I want to go home
I shouldnt be spending so long on facebook
I cant leave it alone
I spent so much money
I dont have enough money
I am skint
I bought this on the internet
I need to book my next holiday
Am only going out for one
I only had one
I cant phone this client they may know I had one vodka

I used to comment, join in the laughter at times
until I realised
this is no ordinary drinker

the last month or so
I make no comments
I just listen carefully and look into their eyes
and turn back to my work
and leave them be

their comments have gone from
raucous high pitched joviality about the exploits
to a quiet comment
quiet comment

My job is to be of maximum helpfulness
I am here to do my job and serve You
have you put me with this person for a reason?
Is this you ? God
God. If it is you
Show me what I need to do for this person
just give me Your words
until You do,
I will not comment
on this persons alcohol consumption
or their behaviour
I will stay quiet
and get on with my job
Staying silent is hard discipline

The AA programme is for people who want it

Ps God
thank you for putting another Sponsee
I will meet up with her tomorrow
Go through the basics
and see what happens
She's had a week now to change her mind
She just told me again,
she wants it
she wants to get well
She will do anything
I am willing to run with that
I have prayed on it
discussed it with my Sponsor
She shared her experience and then
She leaves it with me...and God
A day at a time

See how it goes,
thanks tho
I am grateful I have what someone wants
Its a gift i have been given, a present to pass on
Any lengths, I am willing
And soooo grateful for what I have been given


Christine said...

new sponsees are such a blessing to me, even tho most of them quit before they can even get into the Steps

but working with them keeps me more emotionally sober than I am without 'em. yeah, what an amazing gift they are

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

Be the quiet witness.
Dont laugh at the 'funny' drinking stories.

tell them 'you know a nice guy who goes to meetings and seems to be getting on really good. you could ask them to give em a bell sometime if you like. hes a nice bloke, you'll like im'

if they say no. bring in the newcomer pack and say yo mentioned it to your friend and 'he said you might like these?.. theres a number on the back appparently. oh yeah and he wrote his number on the back of that thing too.' or take theor number and pass it to an AA guy.

then go find someone of a similar profile and they can call this guy, or you can pass the number to the co worker.

so basically, you can help people at work without breaking your anonymity

Meg Moran said...

staying quiet is often my biggest mind rattles away like a freight train, and I have to caution my mouth not to participate.

I love the way you write. Short sentences, for me to ponder and chew has a ryhthm and is comfotable in my mind.

johno said...

Thank you for your suggestions, I saw an earlier post aswell you made on helping others in the workplace. Its a fine line as This person, believes they are just run down, and not ill, even though they tell me everyday they feel S**T, if i say anything about how ill they seem to be, they say IM NEVER ILL, NOT FOR AGES... Proud with a capital P. They went out for their birthday, few to many drinks before while getting ready, were drunk by the end of the meal. The bruises from Saturday evening are now going black "Look". Tonight they are going home, cook and curl up on the sofa, still getting over Saturday. Something else happened at wkend that I think shocked them. I suggested no alcohol tonight and to take care and rest. they said yeh, good idea. No more to be said today. Easy does it, but do it. I stopped laughing, make it clear I dont drink atall. They seem to mention my not drinking everyday to someone or another and their escapades loudly. I just keep on with my work, its not my conversation. Other people just seem to not respond either. See how it goes. Everyday I ask God to show me what I need to do for this person, and to give me His words. I trust and am willing to be a channnel. The fact that I have stopped laughing, and am taking this more seriously, I think has changed their attitude abit. Who knows. Anything could happen in the realm of King Bleedin Alcohol. Me am very sober today :)