Saturday, July 14, 2007

Keep Coming Back

Went and collected some pictures I have had framed

I also have another one which fits in a gap
but doesnt have a frame
(In fact its the Michaelangelo Hands
God and Adam picture on my blog)
Poster size
and I am weary about putting a frame on it
because it may not fit in the gap with the frame
and I dont want to waste my money
and I dont want to guess
and i dont want the resentment of it being done wrong
So am stuck and it remains unframed
....Yeh see I cant think like normal people

So I asked the question at the frame factory
"Do I measure the picture? cos it has to fit in a gap and
I dont want it to not fit when you put a frame on it "

He said no
measure the gap and I will work with that measurement

Simple really
why didnt I think of measuring the frikkin gap?

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