Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Programmed to Serve, something about magical fairy dust that makes me want to blog

The friday night cafe
the waiting staff wear t-shirts with writing
on the back "programmed to serve"
this makes me laugh and I want one

I used to think that being programmed to serve

would mean losing my independence
becomin a robot
I can never be me again
my own thoughts all removed
my life would never be mine again

Some of this has happened "as the result of these steps"
Is this a bad thing ? NO
Is this a good thing ? YES

Am I programmed to serve ? YES
Serve who ? God as I understand Him, the Spirit of the Universe,
One that has all Power, Mother Nature, The Rhythm of Life,
My Creator, Higher Power, Love, The Universal Truth,
The Great Fact within me, Whatever it is that keeps you sober,
Thingy, The Boss, Him Upstairs, That Power my Sponsors believe
in, The Wind of Change, The Force, Father of Light,
A Loving God... To me, All of these are the same different names,
A Power greater than me, when I plug in, really want to serve
remarkable things happen

Am I a robot ? Nope I have the FREEDOM to TURN away or TURN towards
this programme, these principles every hour, everyday
Today I "made a decision to TURN my will and my life
over to the care of God as I understand him
Now I have seen what the "magical AA golden fairy dust" can do
I want more, and guess what there is an unlimited pot LIMITLESS

Have I lost my mind ? Yes, I was losing my mind from
an early age, I came into AA in a hopeless state
suffering from a grave emotional and mental disorder P58
... mindless circling, round and round, madness...insanity
Out of control...

Now I seem to be of sane mind around most things,
I am not on any mind bending substance, uppers, downers
anything. Most people have no idea I was out ov control

I can never be me again... I was sick and tired of being me
Now I am not, I like being me, I interested in me,
its all about me, but I dont need to psycho analyse
I am a human, with human stuff just like all youse

my own thoughts all removed...
nope, sadly I have some very
imperfect and unspritual thoughts OFTEN
Thank God the Thought Police seem to be elsewhere
Thank God, I dont act on my warped heads ideas
I am not responsible for my thinking
I am responsible for my actions
Inventory, willingness to change, accept Spiritual Help
Take action
Somehow I know what to do thesedays, I love being this way
all of me, its interesting to see whats gonna come up next
Fear is not a problem, faith wins over, blind faith
We will intuitively know how to handle situations which used to baffle us. We will suddenly realize that God is doing for us what we could not do for ourselves P83

Quite often friends of the newcomer are aware of the difference long before he is himself. He finally realizes that he has undergone a profound alteration in his reaction to life; that such a change could hardly have been brought about by himself alone. P569 Spiritual Experience

my life would never be mine again... my life is infinitely
better nowadays, I couldnt have imagined ever having it THIS good
We have found much of heaven and we have been rocketed into a fourth dimension of existence of which we had not even dreamed. P25

The great fact is just this, and nothing less: That we have had deep and effective spiritual experiences which have revolutionized our whole attitude toward life, toward our fellows and toward God´s universe. The central fact of our lives today is the absolute certainty that our Creator has entered into our hearts and lives in a way which is indeed miraculous. He has commenced to accomplish those things for us which we could never do by ourselves. p25

He (you and me) is not so unbalanced as they might think. Many of us have experienced dad’s (our) elation. We have indulged in spiritual intoxication. Like a gaunt prospector, belt drawn in over the ounce of food, our pick struck gold. Joy at our release from a lifetime of

Father (you and me) feels he has struck something better than gold. For a time he may try to hug the new treasure to himself. He may not see at once that he has barely scratched a limitless lode which will pay dividends only if he mines it for the rest of his life and insists on giving away the entire product.
P128 & P129

We HAVE to GIVE it away to keep it.

Give freely of what you find and join us. We shall be with you in the Fellowship of the Spirit, and you will surely meet some of us as you trudge the Road of Happy Destiny. P164

Can you feel it ?.... Can you Feel it?.... CAN YOU FEEL IT?

It is easy to let up on the spiritual program of action and rest on our laurels. We are headed for trouble if we do, for alcohol is a subtle foe. We are not cured of alcoholism. What we really have is a daily reprieve contingent on the maintenance of our spiritual condition. Every day is a day when we must carry the vision of God’s will into all of our activities. “How can I best serve Thee-Thy will (not mine) be done.” These are thoughts which must go with us constantly. We can exercise our will power along this line all we wish. It is the proper use of the will. P85

See am programmed to serve and I love it
Why wouldnt I ?

Johno your one of Gods miracles go spread the Good News
It happened again tonight God, could see it in her eyes through her tears
She got hope, just for a few moments, You did that again
You the Great you... God
No Johno, We did it, you work with Me remember
You make my work easier, when you willing and open

To those who's life is unmanageable... There is a solution
keep coming back

God how was it that you got me down the gym 2-3 times a week
most weeks and I beg my PT for a new programme ?? How the hell
did you do that ?

God How was it you did that thing that I have now gotten to
work ontime now for quite a few weeks ?? not days, this is weeks ??
I havent ever done this, even when I had to clock in and out!!!

No dont tell me, am liking your suprises

:) 4 more sleeps.... :)

Page Refs Big Book Alcoholics Anonymous 4th edition


dAAve said...


Christine said...

love the way you think and write

I cna feel it
AND I want one of those t shirts!

Pam said...


Rhonda said...

How He's gotten me from there to hear still amazes me!
I love this post!
It inspires me to thankfulness!

Kathy Lynne said...

Inspiring Johno! Any doubts of mine were erased last week and I am looking forward to service. Especially His.

Syd said...

You are inspiring. I can tell that you love the program. It does work if you work it.

Determined1 said...

I have been a bit slack recently, but time away from the fellowship has made me realise how it DOES work for me if I give it a chance.

I get motivated when I see newcomers change and get that sparkle in their eye..

Sometimes I miss the pace of recovery in my early days, it's harder to gauge as time goes on but it is there, I just have to keep having faith.

Great post!!