Monday, July 02, 2007

Writing an article

Blogging is relatively easy
It means more to me that you
and thats ok, its a choice

I volunteered to write an article
I made a commitment pass on some experience
Had to glue my ass to the seat last few evenings
and just 'uckin do it

Its abit like doing guitar lessons
Its fun when I pick and choose my favourite tunes off the internet
BUT Getting down to the homework I have been set, takes much more effort

Yeh as always, no-ones holding a gun to my head
But this is service
And it helps me grow, talking with the "editor"
The inevitable "chopping bits out"
Ego puncture

he didnt give me a set number of words to start with
Bad move son!!
he just said write and we'll reduce it after

Any way 1st draft sent off tonight
10 days early

Let Go now

gym programme done tonight EXACTLY what she set me
Now thats magic
enDolphins ? are working in me

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