Thursday, July 26, 2007

In Gods Time not Mine, and I am enough today

When ever I get impatient
or have an attack of Spiritual pride
(I should be better than I am)

I have to remember
I am enough today

All progress made is
In Gods Time not mine

I try to push it forward
and it seems hard or grindy

I put in the footwork
remain willing
and it happens

God always does for me
what I can never
do for myself

even though I have shortcomings
I am short of the full ticket
I am enough

Gods doing a really Good job on me
When I let him
Its true


Pam said...

Yes...I believe God is doing a really Good job on me when I let him!!!!

Syd said...

I need to remember every day that my HP is watching over me. If I just surrender my will, all is okay.

dAAve said...

good stuff - i have to remind myself of this ALL the time!

Meg Moran said...

"I am enough....." thanks

msb said...

I really like this. Glad I stooped in.

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

yeah. for me its when I am essentially being a control freak that I get hung up on the outcome TODAY. The outcome is NONE OF MY BUISNESS. We all have a ?'dark side', a weak side to our personality. I just don't feel ? shame about that anymore. but that's shadow work really. Once you understand the shadow side of things, you stop feeling judgmental and bad about dark ? lurking parts of the mind. doesn't mean I encourage them. just means I accept that EVERY human has them. The whole human condition is a bit weird really. can be very dark and very light at the same time. there are so many facets to the mind. it never ends. its when we stop 'fighting' the 'dark side' that a relaxed acceptance sort of 'kicks in' and everything calms down. ironic really. 'the more we fight and try to have our own way, the worse matters got' as they say

Frummy Twelvestep said...

I loved your post! I also write a "program blog" from a Jewish perspective and am glad to read other 12 step blogs. Keep em coming!