Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th July

If you are celebrating today
Stay safe & enjoy!!

Not sure whether to go or not ?
Go or stay away, thats what the big book suggests on p102
whichever is BEST

If you're abit shakey, restless, irritable, discontented
and you don't know whats best YET (I didnt in early days)
GO to a meeting instead

July 4th will come around next year, so just because you can't
relax and enjoy YET, its no reason to think you never will
Life does get better once the "Steps" treatement kicks in

Its no good sitting around drinking coccasions
with a long face, feeling miserable, thinking about the
"Good" old days. Or sitting restless, irritable and discontented
because we THINK we should be enjoying ourselves and
actually we are not

Solution- See it as an opportunity for service
Solution - work with another alcoholic instead

Do some washing up, go talk to someone, offer to give someone a lift home
Call up another alcoholic or Go to a meeting

If you are feeling like you "have to go" I found calling up someone in the
fellowship before it started, and perhaps during the occasion helped
also Praying, asking to be kept sober & safe for them next x hours
checking in woth someone for 5mins during really helped.

And or Go to a meeting earlier in the day, AND OR afterwards!!

See what the first 100 members suggested
Bottom of p101 "You will note.....
down to ......God will keep you unharmed" bottom of p102
Big Book

First Things First

It works for me aswell !!

P101-102 its all in there


Tab said...

hi johno
thanks for stopping by my blog kitty rules..I have so many pictures of him it is an on going joke in my
you take care and enjoy staying in the day :)

Kathy Lynne said...

Yes, I almost didn't go yesterday but it was the best think I ever did. At this stage, I don't think I should miss a day but if I have to, it's nice to know I have a meeting in a box (meaning this wonderful blogosphere and my phone).

Syd said...

Hey Johno, I listened to the Joe and Charlie step study yesterday and it was a good substitute for a meeting. There is some great stuff at that you can download to an IPod. It helps me when I can't get to a meeting.

johno said...

Yeh I like listening to AA tapes too, and other "Spiritual" teachers, its great that there are so many resources available to us to stay connected in fellowship.