Thursday, July 12, 2007

Listen for the similarities - magic words ME TOO

Did a chair last night
Just did it
From the heart
Tell the truth
what it was like
what happened
what it is like now

Although I dont talk alot about
other stuff I "used" and "did"
I do list a few things... difficulties... problems
Although they dont make me alcoholic
It IS part of my experience
They are my Difficulties (step3)
This programme and God (as I understand Him)
has helped me overcome
and stop doing, they have been taken away

A complete stranger came upto me after
asked me to talk with her friend
they had come in late to the meeting
she too self harmed and felt too 'ucked up
she has only been in a few days
I said that I too had felt too 'ucked up
I was too was convinced it would not work for me
AA didnt give up on me
AA's didnt give up on me either
They said just keep coming back
Do the suggestions
Day at a time
Pick up the phone before you pick up a knife or finger nails
or any other sharp object
and IT HAS worked
and I am very glad that I was wrong
and there is no reason why it won't work for her too

She left a message for me today
To thank me
she feels something shifted last night
and she felt better today

I remember when that isolation shield
began crumpling under the strain
it eventually gave way

I am no longer alone
Neither is she

Am grateful that I have gone from
Being too frightened to speak
Being too crippled inside to feel
Speaking the Language of the Heart
and shining a light of hope directly
into her heart for a brief moment
she felt that me too, there's someone like me

AA you did that for us last night
You (the great you) and God


Recovery, Unity, Service


Kathy Lynne said...

Finding the similiarities is what has worked for me. I may have absolutely nothing in common with a speaker on the surface but I can always find something. One man's boot camp is another woman's pregnancy (in talking about a period of time when we could remain sober) not to mention the similar cravings and behavior. It's just circumstance that is different and in some cases how that acts out be it alcohol, or other destructive behaviors. I think it just shows you need to be ready to hear it.

Pam said...

God put you in the right place at the right time, for that woman. That is the miracle of our program in a nut shell. Good post.

Jeani said...

Appreciated your friendly hi.
How this simple program produces so many miracles is mind blowing.

Trudging said...

The power of God runs deep. Isn't it cool when he uses us.

Meg Moran said...

your post gave me tears this a.m.

it still is a wonder to witness how sometimes we can touch a life suddenly without any PING!!! just for a moment or a long time relationship it's not ours to say, but the power is still profound.