Saturday, July 21, 2007

defect driven action - Stop it

Stopping the cycle of destruction

Why are we having this conversation?
I dunno, you started it

Do you accept what happened this week ?
What do you mean ?

Are you sorry ?
That implies I did something wrong

Do you think you did?

Society does
I know, but what i did, was not wrong

You think am sick right ?
yes, I know you are

Whats sick mean ?
Sick, flawed, imperfect, very human, like me

I am like you? Am I not bad then?
bad ?

what you are referring to?
socially unacceptable behaviour

What do you mean ?
Blank stare
Socially unacceptable what...illegal?

No not really, both ok about it
No one got hurt
So whats the problem?

the court doesnt see it like that
ok so in your opinion no one got hurt
and the other person
they are not hurt
are you sure ?
yes no scars
are you sure?
no violence
are you sure ?
what do you mean

What I mean is, we often have no idea of the effect
they would tell me right if it wasnt right?

Well then how am i supposed to know if they dont tell me?
Ok this is how it is

There are a few suggestions to follow
a few are traditionally followed in the UK
these were implemented years ago
so if you want to live in the UK
please follow these
they fit with many groups on society
they help us all to hang together

Ok, so if I set my behaviour along with this
What I did was not socially acceptable

So what now?
If your will is not in line with Gods
then stop doing it

But no-one was hurt
yes they are Stop doing it

I dont want to explain anymore tonight
All I know is

Eventually God does for us what we cannot do for ourselves.
When we act out on defects of character
We end up miserable FACT
its not always apparant that its misery
as misery can become a way of life
narrow minded, self centred,

What happened this week was that someone had been behaving
in a socially unacceptable manner
believing that his actions were justified
completely acting in selfish, self seeking, arrogant
Closed minded, control freakish, self centred, self willed
Was brought before UK justice

Closed minded, unteachable, unwilling to change
on this area of his life believing that it was ok

His thought of others was DRIVEN BY SELF SEEKING MOTIVE

he is not willing to give up, change, abstain from
behaving in this manner

God will remove the problem/defects from us if we want it
If we dont want it, we must be removed from the situation
to protect ourselves and others until we do or can,
this is my experience with some of my dificulties

In the end Gods takes care of us
Some die, some get removed from society, incarcerated

I dunno where am going with this one, I dont very often sit
and form opinions on things, perhaps i need too.

I have given up trying to understand the closed mind
of the psychopaths, paedophiles and serial killers of this world
Not because I cant be bothered,

NOW I understand, that I do not understand them because I
am not one!! So I stop judging and trying to change them
they do not want to be changed because they do not see that
they need to. Change is for people who want it.

Incarceration will not make people change
It does however give people a chance to change and be changed
Its just another solution which works for some and not for others
There is no solution which works for everyone
We have found one which works for us
total abstinence, from the object of our obsessive thinking

For alcohol, we suggest total abstinence
some of us stop with the help of AA and the rooms
Some need to rehab, to be taken out of daily life, no distractions
Some get help other ways and
Some cannot do either and eventually die

Some of us have tried to hold on to our old ideas and the result was nil until we let go absolutely.P58

The spiritual life is not a theory. We have to live it.P83

This is a statement, not an option.

the end

Page refs big Book Alcoholics Anonymous

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An Irish Friend of Bill said...

yeah. denial is a funny old beast. its just like you can't see something. even though it is immediately apparent to someone wiser than us.
i like T N Hanhs poem called Call me by my true names for this type of thing. it helps me have compassion.