Sunday, July 22, 2007

Prison Service

Today I went to Brixton prison
2nd time to do a chair

I wasnt sure if prison service is for me yet
I decided to give it one more go
AA would not send a woman in a mens prison
if it didnt think it was safe
Tried and tested
And God would take care of me

God did it again
All the wings had been moved around
The set up was different
the meeting was more like a AA meeting outside
I felt safe, more able to be myself

It really shows me that
Alcohol affects all people regardless of
nationality, skin colour, sex, town
Also it is possible to make live this
programme within the walls of prison

there was a guy there today, he has at least another
two years to go inside
he sponsors people, and he said someone had asked him
to sponsor him only today, and he would need to ask his sponsor
this is so wonderful how it works

Am grateful for praying this week for my fear to be removed
Am gratful I turned up and carried the message
Am grateful to have this on my doorstep
Am grateful to have something to give
Even if it if just hope, there is a solution

Note to self...
Standing in the prison looking up
there is the netting just above my head
to stop things getting chucked down
the cells are all above
constant dull roar of chatter
shouting and the odd yell
constant movement
prisoners moving up and down the hall
not paying attention to me, just doing their thing
queuing to bring their linen
huddles down the hall
leaning over the balcony
something going on everywhere
Lots of men, who looked like boys
Britains misunderstood
Britains forgotten
Britains no idea what to do with?
Silent homeless
Some unteachable
Some looking for something
I was not afraid
At this moment I was in prison
I was locked in this place
I didnt know when they would escort us out
We needed someone with a key
For a moment I felt Powerless
I just was
Almost invisible
No one paid attention to the 3 of us
outside of the meeting I was no-one
So I just stood and waited to be escorted
out through locked gates, locked doors
through the courtyard
the razorwire
in the sunshine
to the outside
picked up my mobile phone
and walked outside to freedom

Another note to self
The constant noise and activity
coming at my ears and eyes
from every direction in that hall
it reminded me of my workplace
I work in an openplan office
somedays I am surrounded by
noise, telephones, chatter
its the same effect on my senses
fascinating and humbling at the same time

next ones September....


An Irish Friend of Bill said...

that was interesting as i havent done any prison service. My free time gets channeled into sposnsoring mainly, but i'm sure it can be a satisfying thing to do. people always seem to say they get a LOT from it

johno said...

All service is Good for us, its just a case of finding where we fit, am trying a few things, seeing what feels good, its great that there is so much Service available, something for everyone.