Thursday, January 10, 2008

Aduki Bean Stew & Millet Mash

Loads of good ingredients
but not really that tastey when it was all done

I can see how
I can improve on it next time
less water in the mash

I have to say
the food is filling
and I dont want to snack straight after
but its not delicious and grabbing me
Sorry Gillian!

I will keep on
another bout of the above today

then find another couple of
recipes for next week

Didnt eat breakfast today
Had a starbucks chai latte
and some pringles...
and a boaght cheese and pickle sandwich
not for breakfast i m,ight add... all that in the early evening

Its the bread and sugar I need to watch
I get really tired after
REALLY tired

Also need to find something to eat
on the move thats not bread

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