Monday, January 21, 2008

I see through my mind not always through my eyes

This week I have been reminded 3 time
of the vigilance required
to NOT eat or drink alcohol

This week I ordered
Prawn sesame toast...
Had a tuna and mayonaise sandwich
and nearly at some pate... meat

Not because I didnt want to
not eat meat or fish anymore
because I never gave it a thought

But a couple or triangles of prawn toast
and someone saying its really prawny
It just dawned on me... that Its fish
and I decided not to
Do I want to today? No
So I gave the rest away

The pate... I realised before having any
and didnt

The tuna sandwich
I ordered it
then realised and ate it

See i'm not perfect
but I do see how difficult
making a life cahnge is
and how Powerful the mind is

If I really want this
I will call in God
But as I said at the beginning
I am not doing it to the extreme
At the moment I am pretty laid back
and enjoying it

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