Monday, January 07, 2008

progress not perfection

I am eating the remnents of sugar
and integrating the new diet in
Am not one for all in extreme
I would like to be
But I know me... at the moment

I have a few physical things happening with me
since I got back home
am not sure what it is
change in temperature
change in diet
change in water
change in washing powder
nerves - studying and exams
all could be factors

small rash in arms
heat coming out
I got very hot over in Africa
and diet - change in "waste"
and the rash - could be change in water
or washinbg powder tooo
I have had it before
and it was just that
I am not ill with it
I get this when am nervous about big things
exams are big!

Going to pick another recipe
and give it ago

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