Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Physical stuff, Study, Keep Coming Back

It all seems to be the physical stuff at the moment
No poor me's, just observations
I need to keep an eye on
see how long I drop into avoiding the GP
this is a way of keeping an eye on myself!!
The old injury in my shoulder
is now affecting my excersize
will rest it a while longer
if still persisting in a week
will see the GP
yoga 4 times a week
much shoulder and arm rotation
is bound to do something
my shoulders need rotating and working on
but pain of this kind is not good
so I am told
more rest of a different kind
even leaning on my arms does not help
better posture
suprisingly eases the pain!!

Study group tonight
small turn out of 2
people are interested
and agree its a good idea
but few take action
its early days
I get alot from it
even with 2 of us
like I said tonight
even if no-one turned up
I would stay and study for that time
so I win win whatever happens
reminds me of turning up at my homegroup
week after week, willing, for the newcomer
regardless of who else came
see how important "KEEPING COMING BACK"
which used to be the regular thing
said to me, when
I didnt get what was going on in recovery
or why I came to a meeting?
or just why bother getting up?
or whats the point in doing step4 and 5?
I still dont think it will ever work..
or just how longs it gonna take?
Keep coming back is now imprinted in my head
it is for me now is now being transferred to
practiced in another area of my life/my affairs
its effortless for me to turn up week after week
easier than setting the time aside at home
to do it alone...
I know I will benefit
this discipline does not let me down
some weeks it will be better than others
some weeks I will wonder why I bothered
its inevitable
but thats exactly how life is!

food blog

I am getting a little
mischeivous and starting scheming
in my head... this means a couple of things
either I need to do work with more AA newcomers
AND OR I need to read more of what I am studying
or I need to focus at work and ask for more stuff
either way... I have too much thinking time on my hands
to think and make up irrevelent and unhelpful... dishonest
things to do... and it WILL get me in trouble
in some shape or form!


dAAve said...

What does your sponsor think about this? I believe proper step work is imperative to recovery.

johno said...

Hi Dave, I dont understand ? what do you mean by proper step work?

Syd said...

I like my small step study group too. I'm starting over again on all the steps and enjoying going through them again. It is a great way to reinforce what I have learned already.

recoveryroad said...

Nice post.

I think Dave may be referring to the bit about Step 4/5. I may be wrong though.

Have a groovy day.

dAAve said...

By proper step work, I am referring to working the steps with a sponsor who has worked the steps with a sponsor.
Initially, I tried getting to know the steps all by myself. I got very little of their true meaning that way.

molly said...

wish i were there - we'd go to yoga together! then you could help a newbie AND get exercise - a bit of a double dip :)