Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mental, Physical, Spiritual I need unity at the moment...

I got honest
Prayed for willingness
Prayed for sloth to be removed
Prayed for all my difficulties to be removed
so that victory over them MAY bear witness
to those I may help, of thy power

and guess what I did some studying
not enough yet
but abit

driven by God
and willing to put in the action
mentally I am more up for it

My physical body's decided it doesnt want to
I have toothache, rather face-ache!
(yeh all face ache jokes allowed, bring em on!)

Physical pain is tiring
Why is it when I need to make a change
something big
and mentally, spiritually I prepare
more often or not, my physical says no!

Good luck Irish Friend with
the next step of your studies
put in the footwork, let go of the outcome
Go for Gold
Let Go Let God

Anylengths for me
is not staying in a job
I am proven to be brilliant at
even though you wouldnt know it
too see how "little" we appear to do each day!
we really do work hard
its just become effortless
like a well oiled machine
even my colleague
now talks about children instead of out partying
so maybe... its all naturally coming to an end
two hearts perhaps no longer in it

before I leave I am willing to train
or find someone to take over
to be equally as brilliant
and passionate about the position
as I have been to date
pass on everything I have learned
over the past years

To stay and continue
is preventing someone else
moving up a level ... growing
and for me to sit
in my brushed cotton pyjamas
lanquishing in easiness
will not sustain me long term
it will not hold my gaze
I will end up in resentment
blaming others
for the results of my own self will

I can no longer do this
I have the opportunity to apply this week
assistant manager... its NOT what I want to do
yeh the ego gets massaged! BUT heart will not be there
so I said no, for the time being
it conflicts with my studies
it conflicts with what appears to be Gods will at the moment
To take the opportunity
would give my mind another thing NEW to train up on

I either want to go to anylengths with studying
or I want half measures with something else!?
half measures appears dishonest today
and half measures always avail me nothing!

Growing up pains I am suffering from
manifesting my mouth as toothache and faceache!!!
Gotta go and swish some more salty water around
my gummmmmmmms and swill
attractive huh! LOL

I HAVE to do MORE writing with a pen!!!
I cant just turn up to an exam next thursday
and write for 2 hours in those conditions
I havent written with a pen for
that long since 1997?
need to get my right hand ready

see ya


An Irish Friend of Bill said...

ah good luck next thurs. I sympathise!!
exams are different than handing in essays. its hard to stay cool when you look at the questions at the start. ppl jump in and realise they wernt realy answering the q afterwards
well got the name of one company which is ver un grandiose today, so that cheered me up a bit.
lots of water helps. good for stress.burocca fizzy vitamins. whatever.
good luck with the study! you sound like you are applying yourself. we forget how many aa's sneak into cool jobs after going back to colege and getting on with it. we are quite persistent and tenacios. cool really. right gotta go get some sleep!

Shadow said...

good luck with the exam. and get those fingers moving the old fashioned way...