Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A legitimate day off - kick start the studying and to my home group

I didnt pull a sicky today
to do an exam revision
I took a days holiday
I had a yoga session at lunch time
coffee after with study group
and then shopping for
ingredients for next recipe
Found a load, still more to find though
Its not that easy... but theres tomorrow
Found the oat bran today!

Had quite a few phone calls today
invites for lunch and hot choc
new people struggling
pictures of boss skiiing
friend going away for a while
tying up lose ends

Home group tonight
God I have never had such a warm welcome
Its great to go back after 3months away
to find 3/4 of the people are still sober and still there!!
warm and friendly, message of hope and recovery
I love it
And I got a lift home tonight
talking about
hair, nails, manicure, eyelashes
we girls have turned into women!
planning girlie time out at the local gym,
sauna and a steam
meal after...

see its NOT all about
Gripping on by the finger nails
hanging onto for grim life
polystyrene cups and church halls
and plastic chairs
IT APPEARS to be at the beginning
but recovery... is so much more

Life begins, when we make that
decision to try and stay away from that
FIRST DRINK a day at a time
and we mean business!

I made a (ANOTHER) decision
to try and have
more face to face relationships this year
grow and maintain friendships
with those who want to
and continue to leave those that prefer texts
emails and yeh "we must do coffee" and
are ALWAYS to busy to themselves
leave them be

I am not the centre of the universe
I am not everyones cuppa tea
and likewise not everyone is mine!

As was reminded to me tonight and I will pass onto
you, here are some daily suggestions
which helped some of us get started on the programme
and help some of us stay sober today
whether you are on day 1 or day 1000
if you are restless irritable or discontented
these will help


dAAve said...


Rhonda said...

I love the, "I am not the centre of the universe".

that's a good reminder.


Shadow said...

i hear you! recovery is about growing, finding new and different things to do, getting to know yourself, learning to make peace with the past PLUS not drinking...

Syd said...

Good post and the suggestions are great. I need to have more face to face relationships too. I find that I prefer being solitary most days rather than being in a throng of people. Got to expand my thinking a bit I guess.

Christine said...

you are my cuppa tea