Saturday, January 05, 2008

A new years decision - I am what I eat

I am not one for new years resolutions
So instead, I have made a decision
Its not really out of the blue
I have been thinking for a while to change my
eating habits again
allways improvements can be made

A new blog to track what happens
I have no idea whats going to happen
but seems like a good idea today

I've been down the gyn today
So am off now
to buy some food
start this thing

The idea is to stay off meat
Why? it feels the right thing to do
I am very lethargic when I eat meat
red meat that is
I eat red meat about 6 times a year
so am not really afflicted
BUT I can a KFC habit 1-2 times a week
late at night
which I want to kick into touch
moving flats isnt really
what I want to do to avoid the KFC!!

i'm off to the charity shop
I found a copy of the book
Eat Right for your type
So i'm off to pick it up!

Also I got bought
Gillian McKeiths's book too
So am in for an interesting time of it!

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