Sunday, January 13, 2008

at last serious studying Hoo "frikkin" rah - the vinegar question, cooking, eating, yoga and of course playing around!!

learning this is a good distraction
this weekend

Donovan Leitch this is lovely :)


Yoga today, I am impressed
she took blocks away from me today
which means I have improved
on an asana that I struggled with for ages!
and even left out
it just shows to keep on with everything else
and eventually an area I struggle with
will start to become easier
keep on and eventually progress
will be made, even if its just an inch
or a little less of a grimace whilst attempting it!
instead of giving up because I cant do it all 1st time
this asana I started trying a year ago
Give time time as they say!
its true

Gods time not mine

The Vinegar debate is over for now
thank you for your comments
I am glad I asked
I'll let you know how I get on

back to my notes! big sigh

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B uz said...

I keep a google alert for Donovan, and that's how I ran across your blog. Bless you, today, friend, and thanks for giving me the opportunity to begin my day with "Catch the Wind."