Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lunch out and seeking advice, I dont always know whats best

Lunch out today a treat for ! Christmas
Was good
A couple of bottles of wine then?
whats it white or red?
I'll just have a bottle of mineral water please
Oh yeh thats right your off the wine
waiter comes, bottle of wine gets ordered
and I call him back cos the water isnt...
It reminded me yet again
how people just forget
to me its no big deal they forget
in a way its a compliment
I am not really that important
I dont hold the fact that I dont drink
as any importance in their lives
I prefer water
The smell of a full bodied rioja
was as lovely as ever though I have to admit :)
Food was great
La Rueda
vegetarian selection tasty too
I waas tempted with the prawns and octopus... but didnt today

Seeking advice
called up the clinic
they refered me back to GP as I had been discharged
GP kindly called me back
and suggested I see how it is in a week
if no change
he will refer
it may be gone by then!!
Its true I know
It has gone on its own before
or dispersed in time
Once again patience is required
Trust and continue with life and breathing
no predicting
I have faith

Early night tonight
I surrender


Syd said...

I would definitely follow up as your health is nothing to mess with. I'm looking forward to an early night tonight as well.

Shadow said...

hmmm, never thought about it before, but people also forget i don't drink and that doesn't bother me either.

good luck and patience till next week then!

molly said...

GAWD - I related so much to this.. so yup - we seem to be on the same "page" so to speak.. At dinner this week I had a client ask the waiter for a wine list and he ordered a glass of red. I had my sparkling water. It's all new to me - the saying NO - really more HOW to say no in business situations and that it is OKAY. But the old felt so familiar.. his wine smelled really nice. I called my sponsor.. and ordered a really FINE dessert! :)

thanks for sharing this.