Sunday, January 06, 2008

How hard to find ginger, yoga and bed sheets... and studying

yeh I tried a new recipe
theres something about spending time with my brother
a chef, with a passion for food
you should have seen the LIGHT chocolate cakes
we had over christmas
he makes then SO EFFORTLESSLY... so flippin yummy
if fact all his cooking is done efforlessly
he is planning 3 or four days before
what we are going to have...
frustrating at times, BUT its his life
he is, food is, preparation is, in him

So i who also love cooking
always come back with some inspiration
and motivation
and change in the food, culinary, nutrition dept
he has everything to keep it simple
yet not mountains of electrical items
simple utensils and baking stuff
that I had no idea how they worked

I just chucked out yet more stuff from home
charity shop etc
am really clearing out since coming home
and as Gillian McKeith said
clear out the clutter in the kitchen
I have stuff I have been given
bought with someone else
etc etc, an have no idea
whats in half my cupboards at the back
So I am being ruthless
and at the same time
went an bought in the sales
some new things which will inspire
and make me feel good to be using them
and want to use them
only some pans, a bamboo chopping board
some scales and baking trays
but me... i got excited!

and then out 3 trips
to get the ingredients to make
Haricot Bean Loaf
i forgot the list
then couldnt carry all my shoppping
but it didnt matter
I was making progress
No-one had any ginger until 7pm i found some
and then later got down to make it and
I couldnt find oat bran
so used some old porridge oats in the cupboard
and picked enough bran out of my brakfast cereal!
I have no idea, do I care? NO cooking needs to be fun
I didnt add any thing crazy did I!
then I read, Place ...... in a feood processor...
oh well... i havent got one!
yeh I wanted to just give up
but I didnt
I know from experience, my own
it doesnt have to be perfect
to taste good
I mushed it all by hand as IMPROVISE!
ended up eating around 9pm... oh well
I made a serious attempt!
the ingredients are all there
I improvised and God It tasted yummy and there
is plenty for today and tomorrow
It tastes yummy how it is
imagine how it would be if I has ALL the right equip?

Good for the brain
Good for studying
Good for the emotional, physical, spiritual
Soul Food!

I treated myself to some 400 count sheets
a holiday gift to me
and spent time yesterday evening ironing them!
along with duvet
my bed is so luxurious
it was a pleasure to get in! and out of
I am looking for 600 count in the sales

Tried yoga at the gym this morning
Hatha yoga, I am used to Iyengar
and obviously the teacher was different
change is good, I have to re-learn
trust, listening and self awareness
in a different environment
but it came easier, I feel easier

All this is good progress
whats missing?

STUDYING!! I must study
I am putting blogging, and thinking before
studying, So I must try and change this a little
Exam on the 17th, I must prepare
Back to basics

Have a good sunday
The sun is shining here


Rhonda said...

It sounds like some positive change.
That's always good and challenging.

Determined1 said...

What are count sheets?

Well done on the food thing and clearing out your cupboards! You've inspired me now...:-)

Shadow said...

me too, what are count sheets?????

i'm also a planner when it comes to meals. faffing in the kitchen is a kinda hobby of mine. as long as it's 'simple' food... but experimenting's sooooo much fun. the family's had to eat many an experiement. fortunately not too many are inedible.

and i've also decided on the simple life this year. getting rid of the clutter and some people. people are more difficult to 'toss' out though... heee heee heee. but i'm sure you know what i mean.

hope you had a good sunday!

Syd said...

You sound good. Sometimes I put off the things that I least like to do. And studying now would be one of them.

molly said...

I guess it is that time of year - clearing out! I've been doing the same thing. And I love really soft comfy sheets.. I've been wanting to get a down comforter. In a visual session with my yoga teacher one time, I had the vision of a big white fluffy comforter. I'm assuming it was a down one. So I'll be getting that soon. Now if I could just get our four dogs to WIPE their feet off before coming in, I'd be ALL set! :)