Sunday, January 20, 2008

I have changed my mind on eating chicken - how has it spent its life?

Its no longer health reasons
Its in support for the love of chickens
and I do not support cruelty
Its a I care for the chicken decision

Its not about suggesting you dont eat anymore chicken either
its about having a think
about the chicken you eat and its welfare
eating a chicken raised cruely
or eating a chicken thats been raised with its welfare in mind

I have been all of these
organic only
free range
Chicken cottage

We even considered owning our own
chickens in the small freeholding
we nearly bought in our organic age
to grow our own produce and rear
owr own chicken and eggs
and have a better way of living
for ourselves
It sounds perfect to me even writing it now
How did I veer so far off the path?
I seem so far away from all of that at the moment

This year
I haven't eaten any
not because of
Hugh and Jamie
but I have been watching a few
of their programmes
about the way Britain
farms and eats chickens and eggs
and to be honest
I am appalled!
And completely F'CKED off
that the basic intensively farmed
is allowed to happen
I didnt know
95% of UK chicken sold are
battery grown
Any I have been supporting this!
What the hell happened to me
I fell asleep!

I strongly urge
anyone who buys a chicken
NOT to buy the cheapest
but to think about
how its spent its welfare during its life
I support Jamie and the RSPCA
if WE eat chicken
£1 extra is all it costs apparantly
to grow up a chicken more humanly
in a manner supported by the RSPCA
Check out the Freedom Foods labels

Standard intensive factory farming
Birth to slaughter in 36-39days
with amonia burns on its legs
through walking around in its own waste all its life
and staggering around cos its body has grown
too big for its legs to support it
because its been fast grown
and not being able to have light
because light could confuse it and its fellows
enough to turn some of them to cannabalism!
I've had enough
and for the £2.50 bird sold 2 for 1 in the shop
the farmer makes £0.03p
outrageous or what!

Find out what Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
and Jamie Oliver are saying about chicken welfare.

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