Saturday, January 05, 2008

Flying is not one of my passions - its a means to an end

Much praying
Much faith
much drawing on the calmness of others
and letting go
trusting God
gets me through

Our captain apologised on Wednesday morning
cos he predicted our flight so wrong
like he said we spent most of the night
shakin all over
instead of the smooth ride he predicted

My state in flight and just before
is neurotic fear - irrational
I accept that
I have no idea how to change
its gradually lessening the more do it
and the more faith I have
I actually enjoy the entertainment
and try and get my "moneys worth"
if nothing else!! thesedays
the bumpy bits do put the fear up me though!

I was watching the video to St Elmo's Fire
at the Gym and came across this!

It has changed my view
This is 9.39 minutes of ANYLENGTHS
its shows me exactly
what and aircraft DEALS WITH
extreme conditions

I have no choice to let goi of this OLD IDEA
of a plane simply being a metal cylinder
hurtling through the air
and I cant get off
there is NO randomness to flight
Its MUCH more than that
years of experience
a process
skill, practice
and passion! it seems
I have to strip away my arrogance
and Let Go

If you have the time
watch the captain gives a written
the 6.30 minutes is worth waiting for!!

Crew, captains, hosts and hostesses
testers, builders and designers and God
Theres just one word that springs to mind


These guys are flying through Iraq
it doesnt say what kind of flight
But they have a thunderstorm one side
and Iran the other
so they have no choice but to

St Elmo's Fire
St Elmo's Fire from the movie
St Elmo's Fire - The inspiration behind the lyrics

I have always loved the film and the music to St Elmo's Fire
It helped me through many a difficult
Isolation period... identification
on the silver screen


dAAve said...

continue on

Rhonda said...

expect miracles...