Saturday, January 12, 2008

And I can play the game of life.... to win

A change in attitude
Aim for perfection
settle for excellence
No comparison with anyone else's
idea of perfection
we all have a slightly different feel on things

There is a need for those seeking the Greater Good
in all areas of ALL professions and services
the wider the spectrum we are the better
millions of us trying to practice these principles all over the shop!
Only Good can come of it

Strive for what is Gods will
Not what you think you would like it to be
That would be self will

If you dont know
Ask to be shown
"God I will put this dilemma entirely in your hands
please show me what it is you want me to do
and give me the strength and Power to carry it out
whetever it is I will do it"

I have to mean it when I hand it over
Absolute faith, requires a faith
in an absolute loving God
(ie NOT a God you think may have a stick in his bag
or one which you think might throw
something at you in the future which
may not fit with your attitudes and beliefs today)
I do this prayer on my knees

Dusty - Goin Back
Rather a sad song - but I find it inspiring
It makes me reflect that
in recovery I have gone back
really, though gratefully at time
getting a second chance
drawing up all the good strings I left behind
previously left loose
hanging or severed
that were in the past
and its all coming together kinda nicely

looking at my last couple of posts
I wonder if I am arrogant wanting the best?
But you know
I was always (Pre-step5) afraid of the Best
I never thought I could ever be in any positions
which people would perceive as Power
I never thought I would be able to cope with it
when I got it...
If I got it I thougt I would be too afraid of what people think of me
Thats before I found a God
that know what to do
that comes from a position of Love
he talks and I listen!
I will still have fears, hurt pride, greed, self will
but I have a Loving Good God which will right size
all of this stuff...when I let him!

How do I know?
Because he does already
in the all life areas already
when I work with him and let him

I used to think if I had loads a money
I would get really lazy and wasteful
the truth is I am not
I get abit confused at times with it
and sometime I dont want it
and sometimes it starts to burn a hole
I wasnt sure what I would do if I had more money
but when I got it
I prayed and was shown
So I trust that when/if i get more again
I will be shown
If I ask

For toooooo long
I have settled for 2nd and 3rd
for toooo long I have sat in silence and fear
envy and frustration
and listened and watched others
work for and acheive/attain the greater Good
for too long I have had the ability
and NOT done anything

I have no idea
what the future holds
degree/no degree
first/third/drop out
job/no job
wife/no wife
4 limbs/0 limbs
healthy/heart disease/cancer/dementia
fears I have

Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps
I have two choices
Go for it with God
or not and be driven by fear and develop regrets

So I go for it
I am going for everything
I have found a voice
I have found willingness
I have found an open mind
and I am preparing strengthening it
Me and God and the Spirit of the Universe
we ARE going places
There is a First if I want or am capable of it
See I and no other human knows
whether I am or not... do they, that the truth!
So I am aiming for a First
Putting in the work
and if I miss or they no longer exist
well so be it

I want it
Bring it on!!
recovery Rocks

ps. Gummmms getting better
Gonna swish the salt again

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