Monday, January 07, 2008

Service and a cup of AA Tea

Shared my
Experience strength and hope
I really feel soooo good
Amazingly so
I feel the difference
in me when I walk in a meeting
I cant deny it
I am different
it would be dishonest to say otherwise
dishonest and disrespectful
to God the Spirit of the Universe and AA
honesty willingness and openmindedness
continue, improve and give it away
I feel even better when I left the meeting
high and lifted up
shining in the light of His glory (Tim Hughes)

Gratitude and Love

Recovery Love to everyone and everything

God, You and Spiritual Principles are doing a good job on me
and I like it

Hand In Hand with the Spirit of the Universe!
This definitely feels better than Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate


dAAve said...

Go back and read this the next time you're down in the dumps.

Shadow said...

honest, willing, openminded... i like that!

Syd said...

Yes, meetings make me feel good. Some are better than others but I always feel better after having gone.