Friday, January 11, 2008

Warrior of Light - More Paulo Coehlo, and some of my truth today

The Warrior of Light and the new year Issue nº 163

Knowing how to wait
The Warrior of Light needs time to himself. And he uses this time to rest and contemplate and contact the Soul of the World. He manages to meditate even in the middle of a combat.

On some occasions the warrior sits down, relaxes and lets everything that is happening around him go on happening. He looks around him as if he were a spectator, does not try to grow or diminish, just commits himself unresistingly to the movement of life.

Little by little everything that seemed so complicated becomes simple. And the warrior becomes happy.

Discovering the objective
When we want something, the whole Universe conspires in our favor. The Warrior of Light knows this.

That is why he takes great care with his thoughts. Hiding under a bunch of good intentions are desires that no-one dares confess to themselves: vengeance, self-destruction, guilt, fear of victory, macabre happiness at the tragedy of others.

The Universe does not judge: it conspires in favor of what we want. That is why the warrior is brave enough to look at the shadows of his soul and tries to illuminate them with the light of pardon.

The Warrior of Light is the master of his thoughts.

Understanding routine
There are moments when the warrior’s path goes through periods of routine. Then he applies a lesson given by Nachman of Bratzlav:

"If you can’t manage to concentrate, or if you are bothered about your day, you should repeat just one simple word, because that does the soul good. Don’t say anything else, just repeat that word no end of times without stopping. It will eventually lose its meaning, and then take on new significance. God will open the doors and you will end up using that simple word to express all that you wanted.”

When the warrior is forced to perform the same task over and over again, he uses this tactic and turns his work into prayer.

Celebrating the year that is ending
The warrior has lived each and every day of the year that has gone by, and even though he has lost some great battles, he has survived and here he is. This is a victory. This victory has cost many difficult moments, nights of doubts, endless days of waiting. Since ancient times, celebrating a triumph has been part of the ritual of life itself.

Commemorating is a rite of passage.

His companions look at the happiness of the Warrior of Light and think to themselves: “why does he do this? He could be beaten in his next combat. He may provoke the enemy’s fury.”

But the warrior knows the reason for his gesture. He gains strength from the best present that victory can offer: confidence.

The warrior celebrates the year that has come to an end so he can be stronger for tomorrow’s battles.

Johno's notes to self
Yesterdays history
tomorrows a mystery
todays a gift
thats why they call it the present
There is no fear in the present moment
unless you are being persued by a preditor
You can start your day/year/month any time you like
it doesnt have to be ruled by the "gregorian" calender

More notes
I am afraid today
God please remove my fear and direct my attention to what you would have me be
Thoughts passing through...
1. I want to feel alive
2. What can I take?
3. How can I get out of it (exam)
4. what if I fail?
5. Pull the duvet up more
6. Dont go to work!

Yeh I didnt go to work
woke up sick and afraid
resentment affects me physically
even when mentally and spiritually am on track
the physical... gives up
I needed the rest
Boss said... you need to be fit for youre xam!!
(I said yeh but, I need to be fit for work!)
Boss said, no worries, just so long as your fit for the xam!

See its true
When my motives are (on the whole) good...
The whole universe conspires to help me
it seems
I dont know why am sick, in the mouth
its not teeth its gummmms

Am off now, swill some salt
no more blogging till I have attempted
some writing!! PLEASE

It COULD just be one of them bugs going around!
I am a human after all... at times

I dont want to take ANYTHING
I don't do pills or potions atall
prescribed or over the counter
its just NOT my thing
Vitamin C slow release
is about as far as it goes
every now and then, when the onset of a cold starts
headaches and general pains, lethergy are usually down to
not doing step 10's and too many biscuits
dehydration, tiredness and hunger, and exhaustion
which I havent dealt with over a few days
resting on laurels around inventory and H.A.L.T
I find

Perhaps as I get older I will be forced to change
I dunno, again, wait and see
Perhaps I am the only one in the world that doesnt
do herbal remedies
well I do in away, but I make them up myself
fresh, ginger, lemon... ingredients like that
And I may be missing out
But well, I feel ok about it really
Having said all that
All suggestions are appreciated
keep the coming
I dont know when I may need them :)

Thanks for the encouragement friends :D

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