Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Alcoholism is a KILLER illness - like Cancer and Heart Disease

If you had cancer, would you skip chemo ?

Over a period of months, nearly a year
I have learned a very big lesson in acceptance and powerlessness
as I watched
A friend
Have everything stripped away
her health
her hope
her dignity
her lover
her friends
her ability to be a friend
her ability to love and be loved
her home
her job
her status
her self esteem
her financial security

I couldnt work it out, why...
it didnt make sense
until now
I seen how REALLY POWERFUL alcohol is
it has also stripped her of the ability to be honest

I seeing more and more how
insidious this 'ucking ALCOHOL IS

It just wants to get her on her own and kill her
and it just about did!!

The Unhappiest person in the world is the chronic alcoholic who has an insistent yearning to enjoy life as he once knew it, but cannot picture life without alcohol. he has a heart-breaking obsession that by some miracle of control he will be able to do so. Who Me ?


God loves you just the way you are
BUT HE loves you far to much to have you stay like this

This ones for you
If like me you are not comfortable with the
"Jesus" try substituting it with "Honesty"
or something else "Good"
He wont mind, trust me :)

Matt Redman - Heart of Worship

Turn towards and Stop fighting
let the sunlight shine on you
Take Care from all the Experts in their fields
that you are surrounded by for ALL your DIFFICULTIES
Surrender and follow suggestions

trust, have faith in AA, to help you with that "ucking alcohol
wrap that big old snuggly AA duvet around you
we are all in it together, Gods in here too
and a few eskimos i'll bet
with the odd bottle of scotch hidden away!
its a VERY big AA bed, and just for today
I am not seeing anything dodgy gowin on
in here, nothing to be afraid or ashamed of...

All that Good stuff what you had before
that stuff that made your eyes shine
when you spoke of it
you WILL get it back again
and more besides
you have to be prepared put in the action
any lengths

The two friends spoke of their spiritual experience and
told him about the course of action they carried out. P157

Come back to the heart of worship
Enjoy again that life of AA service you once
knew what it it is to be
usefully whole
Its all there waiting - if you work for it
a friend amongst friends
a considerate lover
a reliable mother
a colleague

God stepped in and said rather louder than usual - enough Johno, GET DOWN NOW! your self wills becoming very obvious to Me
ok, but, you know, it stopped me thinking about that
exam tomorrow though didnt it!!
yeh I saw, stop butting, and leave it with me, He smiled, now go to bed
ok see Ya
you will
Bed, NOW
am scared
leave it with the exam and your fear with me and go to sleep
ok thanks


Rhonda said...

excellent post.
The heart of worship is beautiful.


An Irish Friend of Bill said...

As Noor so charmingly says "May you pass with flying colour"

molly said...

Thanks for sharing. I needed this today. Also thanks for commenting on my blog that I need to work with a sponsor and work the steps. To be honest - I don't have a sponsor yet but am going to meetings and hoping to identify someone very soon. I guess I thought if I got a sponsor it would really mean I'm an alcoholic and I'm still fighting that. Take care and thanks again. :)

Syd said...

A friend amongst friends. What a nice thing to be.

johno said...

Thank you

Christine said...

would I take chemo? I often wonder what God would have me to do in that case

Love hearing your struggle, it helps me

thank you