Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Am Feeling Myself Again

Confrontation last night
Non agressive
just reaffirming whats already been said
an admission
our parts in it
no apology for the content of my suggestion
just for the delivery
God she's just like me
Re visited the TELL THE TRUTH
Even if its not what you think I want to hear

Also said didnt realise how tired I was
and was going for an early night
Its amazing how an admission of humanness
Softens up people, even if not asking for it

Also reminded Sponsor is not best friend
Will often say what she dont want to hear
It eases my conscience that I said it
Reminding especially when its so early days
Selfish, but whatever

Sponsee came over
Read some more big book
God am lucky
I can see it working before my very eyes
defiance & fear
willingness & trust
defiance & fear
willingness & trust
over and over
Its exhausting for me
walking it with her...
Its cool aswell

She's now off out
Not looking for some vicarious pleasure
Looking forward to it...
with apprehension that "i wouldnt let her"!?
or its not "programme"
How cool is P101, 102... its all in there
I dont need to tell her or decide
I just show her and let her be honest
To thine own self be true

Selotape off mouth again
Trust the process

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