Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pelicans and so much more in St James Park Central London

I love this Park
I love the pelicans
I love the birds
I love the squirrels
I love the swans
I love the trees
I love all the shades of greens
I love the water
I love all the different plants
I love the bands on the bandstand
I love the quiet
I love the fountain
I love the blue sky
I love the earth
I love the ducks
I love the geese
I love the sounds
I love that I can get an icecream
I love that the tea is good
I love that I can get "real" poured milk
I love that I can see The Mall
I love that I can see Buckingham Palace
I love that I can see Golden Gates
I love that I can see The London Eye
I love thhat I can see Horse Guards Parade
I love that i can see Admiralty Arch
Mostly I love the peace that comes all over me
as soon as i walk into it
Like i've walked into another dimension

I love St James Park
Its my spiritual home
Its where my heart is happy
my body can be still
and my mind slows, quietens and listens

God and Mother Natures gift to us

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Malka said...

Good words.