Friday, August 31, 2007

Tying up the loose ends

That was the week that was!!
Its a week similar to most weeks
Full not frantic
Service not rescuing
Giving freely without resentment
Taking on new opportunities not risk taking
Taking Care of myself - H.A.L.T
Bringing my will in line with Gods (attempting the exam)
Letting my Heart be free of a 20 year ? regret
To thine own self be true

I thought of something else to post lastnight
and forgot it again by this morning
Which shows me
it either wasnt important
or I need to not let anything pass me by
I know like the exam
whatever the thought was
it'll come round again
I just dont know when

Physical wellbeing ?
Step 10's
More action
just had A good massage
Letting Go

Mental wellbeing ?
Letting Go
getting out of comfort zone

Spiritual wellbeing ?
All of the above
especially Step10's
and anylengths

Any regrets?
Not paying attention to that thought
Not going to the gym
Acceptance is the answer...
Progress not perfection
Back on the Gym next week!!

Home group tonight - Step 1
Tea before meeting
Group Read the Chapter The Doctors Opinion
Someone tells their story around this step
Then everyone shares back
Tea again afterwards
Then off to the cafe for more fellowship
(the meeting after the meeting)

I love being sober and being in recovery
recovered or whatever I am
I thought the worst thing would be finding out I am an alcoholic
when actually look at all this good stuff thats going on
Its the best thing
And guess what?
as I said to my sponsee this morning
You think this weeks been a good week?
Its going to get even better!!
She is more skeptical than I
But even I have difficulty believeing
its really gonna get any better than this!
This is the Best I ever had it :D

I have a fun weekend ahead
In the morning going home - Nottingham
Sponsored walk - Race For Life
fun and ice cream
and a home cooked Sunday Roast!!
Chez Dad

Have a great weekend ALL!!

Ps Please pray for dry weather PLEEZE
Our walks been rained off once this year already


Syd said...

Johno, I always get a lot from your posts. I think that all the fellowship that AA's have is good. It sounds as if you are having a really good week and a good time. Hope thath the weekend is good. Enjoy the roast.

Rhonda said...

Great thoughts! Good reminders!
I really like, progress not perfection.

Hope you have a successful walk and it's a dry one.

dAAve said...

I often think of things to write about but they disappear from my brain as quickly as they appear. I've thought about carrying around a small notebook to make notes, but keep forgetting to take it with me.

Pam said...

EXCELLENT post! You are a good example of what working this program can do for a person.

Christine said...

I love watching you do the deal

I'll hope for dry weather for you

ahhhh those resentments can be so hard to give up---congrats on being willing to let go and grow