Saturday, August 25, 2007

Boy meets Girl on AA campus

Yeh am jealous, its true
I will get over it
Thats not what this post is about
Trust me

because at the same time
I really want them to get it on
if its the right thing
Summers nearly over dudes!!

Over a period of months I have been
two people well on beam
well in with HP
well in with service
well over step 9
well over their 1st anniversary

watching this dance of the porcupines
John Ortberg Talks about in his book
In Everybodys normal till you get to know them
The dance that people do
when their thoughts turn to love
when they want to get together
but dont want to hurt or be hurt
is it worth it, no it isnt
its over before its started

See I seeing it in someone else
and I really want them to be happy
whichever way it goes
Its actually abit painful watching
something not happen...

Even porcupines who can kill with a spine
or one wrong move
yet they want the Oneness
The porcupine like hedgehogs
every season is faced with a dilemma
Yet they do manage to make love

theres hope for us all
If we want it
and are willing to take a risk
amazing things can be acomplished
In Love

So I will pray for anyone out there
thats thinking, wishin and hopin for some Summer Lovin'
Give it to them... If it be Your will!!

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