Thursday, August 16, 2007

Step 10's a gateway to awareness, honesty and freedom to choose, when you know the truth...Misery becomes Optional

Step10's have helped me find out who I am
what I like

what I am afraid of
what defects hold me back
what defects affect my personal relations
what defects affect my self esteem
what deffects affect my self confidenmce
what defects make me needy
what defects are a lie
what defects affect my relationships
what defects affect my friendships
what defects affect my ambitions
what defects affect my financial security
what defects affect my opening my mouth
what defcets affect my blogging
what defects affect my going to bed
what defects affect my eating
what defects affect my work attitude
where I am being selfish
where I am being self seeking
this is just a short list

When I know whats driving me
away from peace, happy joyeous and free
towards... misery...into the ground
back to my duvet, needy, victim
When I know, am AWARE, see the TRUTH
I have a CHOICE

I move towards that which I think about
whether its good for me or bad

So I either move towards God
And loving actions towards self and others
or I sit with my defects
and let them drive me into that miserable bog!

No ways dude, I exerted myself pretty hard to get
to this point
huge faith
huge willingness
and huge amounts of NOT LISTENING TO MY HEAD
all stuff I could do

PRAYER, asking God for help
has removed defects, and done for me
what I could never! do for myself

Never! underestimate the Power of God
I have no idea of the Power God has
The Impossible has become possible
In my experience
its true

I cant, HE can, Let him

This is by no means an intro into Step 10
or just a few bits that spring to mind
of how Step10 stands as a VITAL part
of how I am today
and how I maintain what I have
I am not going for a sainthood
but I am a damn sight nearer than
I ever could have imagined!!
an I like it

The Truth will Set You Free
Action is the Magic word


Christine said...

freedom, I never before believed it was for me but oh how sweet freedom is now that I've surrendered

Syd said...

Thanks for this. I print out and keep comments on the steps. I'm moving towards Step 10. I know that I do have the choice to be happy or not.