Thursday, August 23, 2007

Went to the dentist - and remembered when

Dear Mum

I went to the dentist this evening
and sat on plastic chairs
in roughly painted waiting room
with cheap wooden doors
and out dated mazazines
read the posters on the walls
and learned about
dentine, gum disease and plaque

Suddenly I remembered when
you took me time after time
to the orthodontist
to have my braces fitted
not just once
over and over
at different times
at times it we were always going
for the upper teeth or lower
this brace, that brace
tweeking, tightening
too many teeth in a small space

You took time off work
we went on the bus
or you took the car
we always arrived in plenty of time
you always dressed up
and waited patiently with me
you listened to what they had to say
you always went with me
and you always took me back to school

The times we looked for parking
and thought we would be late and werent
The time I had 4 teeth out by Gas
and puked up on the way home
you looked after me
you took time off work
you never complained
you never cancelled the appointments
you never let me miss one
you put my teeth very high on your priority list

I suddenly wanted you there, and its not possible
I suddenly wanted to hug you, and its not possible
I suddenly wanted to tell you how my teeth are doing
I suddenly started to cry

I dont remember ever thanking you

So thank you Mum
Now I am grateful
and see what you did for me

Today I went to the dentist
My dentist hugged me
and was plaesed to see me
She listened as I told her the truth
about how my teeth and gums
had been since last time
and that I was taking more care since last time
(6months ago)
she told gave me information
about my wisdom teeth and gums
and how I could accept this will happen
and take care when it does
and she showed me how to take care
or have an operation for their removal
Its a choice

having an expert HP in dentistry give me a choice
and both are equally the right thing to do
is great
No need for an operation
I can just take extra care when
the wisdom tooth thing happens
which is only about twice a year
Liveable with when you know what it is

My dentist loves my teeth more than I do
Clearly, checked each one
picked each one and cleaned each one
she said they are perfect!!
She said last time if I got into the habit
of brushing more regularly
she would show me how to floss
First things First...

I asked her to show me how to floss
Cos I never have
and so today, she did
she flossed while I held a mirror
and watched what she did
how cool is that

Today I had a lesson in flossing
Not bad huh
Next step, to buy some
she says I need the strip not the string type

Teeth cleaning twice a day
is not something yet that I manage
This does not mean my mouth is like a sewer
Clearly its not!!
This doesnt mean that I rest in my laurels
Continue and improve

I think I would like to love my teeth
like you did and my AA dentist does
I left it a long time before taking responsibility
and I have been so lucky that
they havent deteriorated
I am really blessed

Thank you Mum


Kathy Lynne said...

That's a nice remember when.

Johna said...

Thanks for visiting my site and for the encouraging words. Your story sounds familiar, and I, too, should be thanking my mom. I am sure it is only a matter of time before it comes full circle and I am driving to weekly appts for my girls and boy. I love your earlier posts.