Saturday, August 11, 2007

Night people... are we a myth ?

Being a night person is a choice, however at somepoint it stops being a ? choice for some people (in my opinion) it can become a habit, compulsive behaviour.

We naturally revolve around the sun, when the sun is up, we are awake when its dark, we sleep, like most animals, fishes and birds, and plants. Some of us at some point change this, by social activity, chemicals, stimulants, tv and or other forms of behavior. We are forcing our body to change with these things, because they are giving us a ? lift, we ? enjoy them, our mind adjusts itself to ftr in with it... almost justifying it because we feel good. Hence the sleep seems a waste of time, as its not as ? pleasurable and self satisfying as the activity occuring ? before we shut our eyes. So Sleep becomes the last thing we want to we put it off longer and longer.

The body still requiring sleep, sleep is a time where the mid and body processes the daily happenings, eating, interaction, healing, it all happens when we are asleep, our bodies still need all this to happen no matter what time we have gone to bed, so it adjusts and lays in longer. The mind then knows its got lots of ? good activity to look forward to in the late evening again, so we then sleep in, knowing than as "darkness falls" the good stuff is gonna happen again.... we become addicted to nightime stimulating activity... all bullshit.

Pleasure, sprritual high can occur without having to stay up late, my own experience shows if I go to bed earlier, turn the tv off, dont listen to late music, and or eat late ON A REGULAR BASIS and actually WANT to stop the late night activity... I will, its keeping on and keeping it up that takes WORK.

I can pass for being a day person if I want to be, set the alarm, have some PURPOSE for getting up, ie getting myself ready for the world around me... and go to bed at a reasonable hour becasue I WANT to and NEED to.

Change if I want, dont change if I dont want. Its my choice at the end of the day, its not easy to "change the habits of a lifetime" and I have to work at NOT slipping back into night activities which "i think are good for me" the TRUTH is, they are actually not really fitting in with the way of life I choose today, or helping my physical and mental fitness.

Blogging and Facebook are yet another escapism that I currently SLIP into to try and avoid being GROWN UP and just going to bed with a cuppa cocoa and a Good book!! I love the Book and Cocoa when am doing it, its actually getting into bed I have to work HARD at...

Take your body and your mind will follow...
(it may fight and kick and scream everytime, but it WILL follow)

Well thats my take on it anyway

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