Saturday, August 18, 2007

Prayer for E-J

My neice got admitted to hospital last night

God please take care of her
give the surgeons what they need
give her what she needs
please take care of her
and her mum and dad

Went to open day
too short staffed to do any tests today
am glad really
Too much NEW all in a short space of time
God knows more than I what I can handle
At any give time

So I have a place conditional,
on the test I take on the 30th!!
Today I asked more questions
All seems do able
New and needing much willingness
But do able
Student Support services are my next port of call
they are a power greater than myself
I dont need to do this on my own
I have an idea where my study skills weakness's lie
They dont have to hold me back

Went home, completely zapped...
Being out of comfort zone is exhausting
Even with God

Slept til 7, thought it was the next morning
went back to sleep for a snooze
woke up and it was dark ?
the realised it was still Saturday

Well up now
EJ had her appendix out
Enjoying being pampered
fed and watered
she's lovin the attention!!
Hopefully going home tomorrow

Me I gonna dust off my guitar
and do somepracticing

Went to bookshop today
Charity shops are great
Ya never know what they gonna have next
Like pass it on
We have one here thats just books and CD's
Its started opening Sundays aswell
I suggested they got some sofa's and served coffee...

Thats enough today

Thanks All for encouragement this week

Cinch by the Inch
Keep it Simple
God doesnt give us more than we can handle
Its true

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Syd said...

Hope that your niece will be well. Your posts are comforting.