Thursday, August 09, 2007

Prison Service

Note to God
Dear God I love ya, Am grateful for
being sober and useful
carrying the message of recovery in a prison this evening
One common problem
One VERY REAL solution
One alky helping another
by telling the truth
The language of the heart
I nearly 4 years in AA, I rarely hear many men
share in their stories they have been sexually abused
Tonight 4 out of 8 men shared back that they had been sexually abused
(1 of them I am told had hardly said anything until tonight
about what his experience is)
2 spoke very little
2 shared general stuff
For me it is part of my experience
so I just said that I was
just as I said again it dont make me an alky
I know how alone and isolating it was
and how much of a relief it was to hear
other people who had been where I had been
and who were NO LONGER VICTIMS of it

Thank you God, you amaze me more and more each day
The TRUTH will and does set me and others free

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