Saturday, August 11, 2007

Love and Service in all my affairs (parent/s)

Practice Love and Service, let God and Love drive you

I am sure that you dont need me to say any of this
you didnt ask my advice on how to deal with your parents
its your journey, non of my business etc etc...
but saying it has helpd to remind me
how I need to approach my parent... everytime,
cos when he's gone, thats it, NO MORE opportunities

I can only hope you see the motive behind this
and the spirit that its intended

Love your parents for who they are
love their vulnerability
love their little niggly imperfect ways and
love the way they flit from the strong parent
to the needing 5 year old
when out of their comfirt zones.
Love them, Go with Love, practice LOVE,
let Love do the work, no matter how they behave

Be yourself, you do have lots of Love to give

Enjoy the God given gift that is TIME
with NON abusive parents
enjoy the gift that they are while they are
see the beauty that is family and parents

Notice everything they do,
see how beautiful it really is
the way they act and interact

Nothing is permanent, infinite, forever
and none of us really know
its about having as few regrets as possible
and as many memories as possible

Whatever... I find practicing Love and Service
as the primary motivators enable a much more enjoyable time

Love and Service rule ok!!

Have a really fun time, enjoy, not endure...

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Pam said...

I was cooking a casserole last night, and had to call my Mother about the recipie (she's the guru of recipies)...anyway, when I hung up, I thought about how hard it is going to be someday to not be able to call Mother with a recipie makes me want to sit down with her and go over all her old recipies and enjoy her talking about cooking....before it's too late.