Thursday, August 09, 2007


I am very tired
going down the gym
and then bed
nearly the weekend

I am coming to a decision regarding my career
(with the help of tradition 6)
(Do I want to right or do I want to be happy?)
(also whats driving me ? money and prestige or a happy heart)
(also do I want to do this next year ? no)
(also building faith in a move, geographically, change in income
change in everything... am building faith)

Office move will remove the free Gym and lunchtime yoga
(to continue will see how commited I really am)

I have taken action regarding my inheritance
(the worlds legal system is not a good place to sit
especially when dealing with an estate split between
two countries)

Sponsee situation has leveled
Home groups are flourishing

I am just tired

Nearly Friday

Heres one I heard down the gym
I have to honour Ben E King
Check out Bono and Bruce's version

God I know you will
am a bit scared
I have faith
prepare me and do with me what you will
I can feel theres more to come
Your giving me tasters
I am getting ready... for anylengths
I know its gonna be ok
am abit scared about the journey
will do it anyway
God you have NEVER given me more than I can handle


Determined1 said...

Career change, I know that one.
Had a long conversation with another member of the fellowship about this last night. I admitted that I was frightened about asking my higher power for direction in this area, scared that I will be directed along a path that might be spiritually and mentally fulfilling but with a low wage and no prestige, which is what is, I have to admit, important to me at the moment.

The question to ask is what makes me feel alive? If I can find something that makes me feel that way I will be headed in the right direction. The next question is what the bloody hell will it be??!

Good luck with your soul searching. Great Bono version.

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

well I'm a born again student. do it. even if it scares the shit out of you!
remember. we always think we are a bit s*it. which is BS. we all have s*ite confidence. just do it. dont think about it. all students are scared s*itless. meas jack s*it. diddly.
edge does a great guitar in that track. bless im.
look if you study part time you do not burn your bridges. but yes you need to cut down on other stuff. (aa) its doable. i say do some kind of degree at birkbeck as it is near your work. i think, so then you can have your cake (full time job) and eat it too. degree in evening. just try it and see what happens. term starts first week of october so you better get busy!!
im off. im doing lots of hours at work while its busy for extra money. so no free time..

johno said...

thanks both for your suggestions