Friday, August 17, 2007

its not going my way, and its all going ok

last night I was doing service, phone office
tonght, i lostmy wallet, it vanished
fore the firsst time in my life...
lost or stolen ? I have no idea
these firsts, they crop up
at the oddest of times
see I will now be more compassionate
when someone else tells me they have lost
their wallet and are not sure how it happened
NO longer will i silently judgementally TUT
Ego puncture, and growth at the same time

spent TIME cancelling cards
going out to buy replacement travel cards
all needed doing WITHOUT DELAY so i did
First things first
I didnt get into analysis paralysis, its true
And Acceptance is the answer to all my problems...

some calls came in
when was my application not going to get done ?....
then I couldnt find my exam certificates
...have YOU tried looking for all your
...exam certificates for the first time in decades??
I have decided to hand that one over
I will look again over the weekend
and agree a date to forward copies to them by

Both calls helped reminded me, amongst other things
one with my NO CARDS NO CASH dilemma
yes Johno, you can walk in a bank and get money
over the counter still... it is possible
I had forgotton... internet banking
and hole in the wall has become the norm...
GET OUT of that comfort zone... tomorrow I speak to a cashier!
the other my sponsee... which always helps me

If you are that the lucky winner
of a travel wallet
on the x bus heading to x tonight
the credit and debit cards cancelled
there is no cash in it
the alcoholics anonymous card with helpline number
use it or pass it on
the stamps well make use
the 6 suggestions on the AA card, try them
and if you fancy coming to my home group...
...the address is on the front of the suggestion card
my work pass and photo card yes I did nearly have my eyes shut
just for today it and try it

Benn to work
Application done
personal Statement written
referees 1 down 1 to go
and am going to bed nearly the same time as I would
any other night...
An I have been down the Gym
and I have eaten
application written
dealt with a lost wallet
and I have accepted taken action
and moved on
and I havent had any thoughts about a drink
S'funny I noticed I dont mention it much lately
a flippin miracle
and I even blogged!

Grateful for Acceptance
Grateful to know what to do today
Grateful to not buy into drama
grateful to be taking it seems right action
grateful for those extra seconds in AA minutes
Gratful of how much I can do nowadays
Grateful to find & be reminded theres more I can do
Grateful for other AA's who've been there
...and are willing to share their experience
Grateful for the newcomer, always grateful for the newcomer

Grateful that God never! gives me more than I can handle


Shannon said...

first off, that sucks, second.. well done handling this...
I understood completely when you said, "analysis paralysis" LOL good job for not going there... and my favorite part was when you were telling them, whoever it is that finds your wallet, how to use the AA stuff... LOL great attitude. I am sorry you lost your wallet, because it is a pain in the a$$ but is sounds like you handeled yourself well.. :)
Hope tomorrow is better

Christine said...

My sponsor this morning said she just heard for first time
'If GOd brings you to it, He will bring you thru it.

Look how grown up you behave-- no drama just take care of it, I'm impressed

Rhonda said...

"grateful that God never gives more than I can handle".
Love that!
Love that!
Love that!