Monday, August 13, 2007

I am going slightly mad, just part of the process

which always happens
when am wrestling with change
and letting go absolutely
freefalling abit
and taking action at the same time

change for the better
moving onto the next level
any change
action positive

Good news is I took action
Made some phone calls
followed up on a course I want to do
I now know
I know which course I am going for
Cos called 'em up and they said they were full
my heart sank
Now I know which path to take
the one I am most disapointed to not to get on

Good news, spent the rest of lunch on Google
made a few more calls
have found other places its on
and there are places still open for this year
So am gonna do applications and see what happens

Now i really wannit

I hate writing a personal statement

No duvet diving allowed

Come on you know you want to

I've no idea why this song came in my head today
but it perfectly describes whats going on
in my head at the moment

theres another mashup going on
and am happy with it :D
its organised chaos
But as am slightly barking at the mo
it doesnt suprise me, hope it brings a smile to you too
No Need to worry

my defects are just having a party
I keep sending God in, he sorts em when they
get abit too lively and loutish

Bobby Picket and the Cryptkickers

catch yas later


Determined1 said...

Yeah another mad person :-) I feel a bit batty myself today. sorry the course was full.

johno said...

Thanks. However... one course was full, another one has places. Rejection is not as dismal as its reputed to be....