Thursday, August 11, 2005

Bring it on

I accepted myself what is, what I do, who I am
I accepted what I used to find unacceptable
I didnt beat myself up
I took longer to hand it over this morning
I Handed it over
I prayed in the bath
I got to work late
I got all my work done
I got extra work done
We flicked rubber bands at each other
I drank lots of green tea
I Had fun at work
I laughed lots
I didnt succumb to my chocolate craving
I had no desire to drink
I left ontime without guilt for being late
I accepted my job was done today
I got to meeting early
I listened to my head and didnt share
I asked people for coffee
I shared my gratitude
I shared my tears
I shared my experience of what a Power Greater than myself is doing for me
I feel a new freedom
I feel gratitude for my best thinking that got me in here
I feel love for the me that kept on, pre fellowship
I fitted myself to to be a part of a magical world I am present in

I love whats happening to me

Bring it on


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johno said...

Rule #62 Dont take yourself so damn seriously

twelve steps & twelve traditions P149

One Drunk to Another said...

Yaaay! I loved your list and it put my day in perspective for me. I also loved that you visited my lonely new blog. Thanks for letting me know I'm not cut off :-)



Bring it on is right bro!

johno said...

i forgot I also had some fun, so added a couple more. SO EASY TO FORGET TO REMEMBER THE FUN BITS

Blue said...

Beautifully said!

Trudging said...

Well said but why aren't you half naked?

johno said...

no camera, is there an easier softer way? without going on dubius websites t get a picture