Monday, August 01, 2005

I outed my head

got that shaking, heart beating, oh god, feeling sharing, the truth was coming out.

The chair talked abt blocking out the sunlight, its what am doing. Missing out on the beautiful things going on, being consumed by Step8 instead of welcoming it in.

I got 2 choices.

Can either stop here at 7 and just run around doing what am doing, enjoying what I got until it inevitably stops working. Being an alky, what I got eventually stops being enough.


get on with whats in front of me and do the next right thing, grow a bit more

I stopped off for a KFC, got in and PRAYED.

Me, a chicken wrap & God, well I couldnt go there alone could I. It was a truly beautiful moment.

Then I did a couple of hours step8

Getting me to to anything thats good for me, is like pulling frickin teeth... childlike.

One day (maybe) the tables will be turned, my inbox will be filled with "I cant Do It" emails

When will it sink in, thatI cant do it on myn own, thats why I need the help of a Power greater than myself.

Slightly unblocked, grateful, shined on, but not impressed with my grand performance.

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