Friday, August 05, 2005

Keep it simple

Today I turned another year older.
Today I woke up with the same head I always wake up with.
Today it still took a few minutes to realise that there is more to life than listening to my head
Today I did my pre work routine (god did I say routine)
Today I got to work on time
Today I had a very unhealthy 2nd breakfast, Its my birthday
Today I spent money on cakes for work
Today I didnt listen to my head & get the cheap cakes, I got the ones they all do
Today I fitted myself in, do what the winners do.
Today I didnt people pleasing, or expect returns, I did it with love.
Today I went to the park at lunch because thats what I like to do on sunny days
Today I didnt go to the bar at lunch which is a traditional birthday thing.
Today I invited people to join me at the park... and they came.
Today the bank rate dropped, so my monthly outlay decreases
Today I got some flowers from work
Today I was able to enjoy those flowers, they smell & look beautiful
Today I finished all my work
Today I prepped it, so it would be easy for someone tomorrow when I am not in
Today is my last day at work for 3 days
Today I get to my meeting & commitment
Today I get resentful as the literature keeps moving & disappearing
Today I say nothing, just sulk a little through lack of understanding
Today I asked HP for help when I needed it & received it
Today I shared with gratitude
Today I travel to spend time with my family
Today I listen to a group of guys on the train, who spent the day at a beer festival
Today I reminisce with them about my old drinking ground, without resentment.
Today I laugh with them about Shep & his dog Woofy Maldoon (neither of which I knew)
Today I hear about death being referred to as "slipping of a dish"
Today I see that real life has lots of amusing things to enjoy
Today I get to see my folks
Today I get to blog remote from home
Today I am sober
Today I paid attention
Today I have a higher power
Today I am grateful

That was simple, effortless, very little resentment, strange how the resentments are about AA stuff, not ouside life stuff, it used to be completely the other way around.
Tomorrow is another day, gratitude in action. Pray for the willingness for some step8


lyman said...

Happy Birthday!

And I'm grateful too... for your post.

Trudging said...

Happy Birthday!

johno said...