Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Whats happened to my blog ?

My last post disappeared & then all my profile stuff has moved to half way down the right hand side bar, hows that happened? I dont know what to do, the template looks the same, no great gaps or anything.

Just when I thinks its all going ok, someone moves the furniture (my icons)

Keep scrolling down, you'll find some links etc, in the meantime, i'll try and figure out what happened, dont think I fell asleep on the return key lastnight, or did any dancing on the keyboard, in full glorious Julie Andrews gratitude.

Not sure, its probably just another ploy, from my humorous HP see if I get distracted off step8. I have to keep going on about it, because if I dont, it will hide deeper and deeper in my head, until its so tightly hidden that I cant fetch it out. So have to keep it outed.

Something happened today, which made me grateful, but I cant remember what it was.

Oh yeh another thing, the comments you left me, thank you, i like this, maybe 'll be a bit braver on yours aswell.

Trudge, it blew me away you even asked to use something that has come out of my head. My heads not usually got much worth listening too. (thats head speak for you, i am not worthy etc etc!!) I think i had a bit of a spiritual experience last night writing about Me the Ice Cap.

On listening to my second more reliable thought perhaps its cos it came from the heart, not the head, that it was such a beautiful moment. For me.


One Drunk to Another said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm going to link to yours, okay? You can probably fix the sidebar thing by checking in your template and looking for any weird code. Hope that helps. If it sounds like Greek, then... well, don't ask me. Hee hee

Scott W said...

Hi Johno, Thanks for the comments on Attitude of Gratitude. Concerning your side bar moving to the bottom of the page, it may have to do wity some lengthy post titles. Sometimes when there is a long line of type in the side bar it needs more room, thus sending it south. Maybe that will help?

Blue said...

Good luck with your blog... mine did that for a while and I wish I could remember how I fixed it but I can't (big holes in my brain, lol) I think Scott is on the right track.

And at least you remebered to be grateful, for me that was a huge step in it's self!
Hang in there & have a great day