Tuesday, August 02, 2005

If you focus on...

If you focus on the mountain it will get bigger, focus on the solution ie The Steps

Johno wrote... In the beginning, its like being at the bottom of the mountain & seing others at the top, and not knowing how the hell they got there. They were like somewhere in the distance. Like a "Vision for me"

The mountain, was an illusion, another fantasy my head had cooked up, to stop me getting well.

The truth is, that each time I took a Step up, the mountain appeared smaller.

Its like it had snow & ice on it, ready to slip me up, if i tried to find my way alone, and it did. I eventually asked someone if there was an easier way. They showed me a path already cut out, thats been used by many before me, it only has 12 Steps up. Each step melts the snow & the mountain feels less daunting, more of a hill really. It got greener and became more beautiful & pleasant to be on, i seen its treasures, they were there all along, just covered up.

Am right now running around it, arms wide open, like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music, singing just over half way up, and its amazing, the view, the treasures, the laughter, the love. Its a fab place to be, I recommend it to everyone. So much on offer. Each Step opens up something only describable today for me as Gold.

My sponsor shows me the path, the steps melts my icy covering, helps me get over myself, I am the mountain, the hill, the Steps is right sizing me, whilst helping me grow.

I have shared this else where, but I wanted to document how I felt right now, at this moment, this is a beautiful moment. Thank you

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