Saturday, August 27, 2005

Here we go

Inspired by a few blogs

I am grateful for
Waking up sober today
Waking up without a hangover
Not being irritable when I got jumped on & kicked in the head, by the under5's again, so i was sleeping at 6.30am!!
For answering the phone to someone that relapsed last night
For my head clearing the second i heard what terror sounds like
For doing my lousy best
For seeking help from the big book
For seeking help from my sponsor
For not going swimming with them - cos i didnt want to
For having some quiet time to myself to reflect with no noise
For having my big book to study
For having a meeting to go to tonight nearby
For taking a walk out this afternoon to find out where the meeting tonight was & how lng it would take to walk/bus there
For not asking for a lift, or expecting one
For deciding to go & not making a fuss
For telling them I was going to meeting & not feeling guilty for going out on a saturday night, when i a guest
For putting my recovery first
For the meeting being so loving
For the scared newcomer that came & stayed & listened
For his partner that came & stayed & listened
For the AA & Alanon sharing it was magical
For the love i felt in that room for both of them & for all of us
For having somewhere to go and hear what i need to hear
For letting my family know what time i hoped to be back
For getting back within a minute of that time
For the chinese meal waiting for me when i got in
For not sitting watching a movie that made me uncomfortable
For washing up instead, even though they told me not to
For knowing that I wouldnt do it in the morning, they would
For doing the right thing, not what they suggested
For being safe
For being sober
For meetings having this ability to heal & calm me (spiritual surgery)
For reconnecting with my HP & the human race
For getting out of my head
For kids that love me even when i dont give them what they want
For childrens laughter & giggles
For a cheeky smile
For having a bed to get into now (into a bag & some cushions)
For being grateful
For being a part of

Thank you


recoveryroad said...

All very worthy.

All very cliched.

All very trite.

All that I loath about AA.

Please don't post on my blog again. I'd prefer it that way.



I am grateful!