Sunday, August 07, 2005

Nothing cracked off again

ordinary day, did the usual clothes shop after two failed attempts to get there, finally did.
yeh, on my wish list, a garden, less clutter, a bit of silence at times at home, someone special. dont know when, dont know how, just a wish list. No major decsions til after step9, and that will probably take me into 2006, in my world... anythings possible in HP's world, there are NO LIMITS.

sort out my washing, going to bed am tired, bit sad for myself, bit needy (it'll pass) am grateful, grateful, that the two men in my life that I love like no others, have both found a happiness, a comfortableness of their understanding, at last.

good weekend, good for my soul, my spirit

oh yeh, did somemore gap filling, revisited the old rec, streets, I trudged playing kerby & football, getting croggys on the choppers, garages we used to climb up on the top of & the circus we'd bike around. Everythings still there, bit delapidated, bit different, am remembering stuff with a warmt that I never had before, its like all I could remember before was the bad stuff, like it was blocking everything else, blanking my memery. Now its unblocking, my memory starts to come back with the help of triggers. Every streets got a memory.

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