Wednesday, August 17, 2005

God Doesnt give us.....

God Doesnt give us more than we can handle (a quote from Big Book)

God decided that cancer would be too much for me to handle today.

He gave me something else, incurable, by conventional medicene, uncomfortable but HARMLESS. Oh yeh, they offered me a pill, but said its not a guarantee to help...

Am grateful for the harmless, I have accepted incurable, I havent accepted that I cant reduce the uncomfortable or reduce the symptoms. Pills (so far) i dont take unless its a matter or life & death.

I can explore a change in diet next (yes I have a diet these days to change)
I can explore other alternative remedies
There are no proven cures, its trial and error
Its gonna be interesting...for me anyway

Here we go then, patience, willingness, openmindedness, will do for a start

It is a design for living that works in rough going. P.15 Alcoholics Anonymous

I felt this afternoon that I had been walking for 2 months non stop on a journey, a journey to where I didnt know. I just know that I have been going in the right direction most of the time.
I cant believe what I have just walked through, but I have, Hand In Hand with The Sprit of the Universe.

Am blessed with Unity, Recovery Service. The ability to give & be given. Thats all I know.

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