Monday, August 01, 2005

With the Fork

Unblocking with the fork

Got invited, or was it pummelled into nearly going to yet another step7 meeting tonight... To focus on my shortcomings, I was told.

I dont believe it was self will run riot, when after quiet reflection & saying out loud, I decided not to focus on my shortcomings, I have been doing enough of that recently. Time to focus on the solution.

My current shortcoming, is that I am not praying and not getting divine help with my step 8, thus not allowing myself potential growth. Shame huh. Living on the edge, rebel without a cause. Who gives a toss. Truth is its my recovery no-one elses.

Reality is today, I want to pray, want to ask for help, want to get on with my step 8, want to grow. Have done all the talking, whinging, reasoning, sharing, weighing it all up, fearing up, analysing. So there's nothing left to do, except do.

Gaining inspiration from the Story Bin, last night, I decided to

"Remember to keep the Fork with me"
"Dont let the Fork go"

If you are told after a meal to keep your fork you know there is something much better possibly yet to come.

So today I "used the fork"
May the Fork be with me
May the Fork always be with you to
Fork it it worked, more step 8 done tonight.

Sense of humour returns

Another good day in the 4th Dimension

I did have a sulk today, by the way aswell, just a short one, couple of toys, gor pushed right to the edge of the pram. Luckily, thanks to last nights chair, I seen that even though I believed I was right, I used the analogy that maybe today wasnt the day to argue the cause, no matter how justified. Sulking is the only tool I have, at present, which leads me to acceptance. I try and do it quietly, unfortunately, its written all over my face. Paper bags arent allowed to be worn during the day unfortunetely. Progress not perfection.

Still a good day, I left work at work where it belongs.

Special thanks to "Keep the Fork" Posted by Cindy Ludwig 27 Feb 2000. Story Bin


Trudging said...

This is a comment for the post above. For some reason Blogger would not let me comment. Anyway, that mountain thing is great. Can I use that some time?

doughgirl said...

I love the paper bag how nice would it be if sometimes we could just throw a bag on our heads and move along..lmao :)

Jenni said...

Hey, johno, thanks for visiting my blog, looks like you're living. For real. I'm glad for you.

Blue said...

I think we all struggle with prayer at one time or another. Great entry, it helps me to hear about others that struggle with the same things that I do.

johno said...

Thanks for reading & commenting on my blog.

Trudge, is where I start letting go, in a different way? I am grateful that you feel its worth using. It just came out of my head!! i said my head!! (are you sure you :-)

Not sure why the Mountain post didnt save, so I posted it again.